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The apocalypse is the catastrophic event that happens in the Würmer und revaccination. It occurred on December 21st The cause of the apocalypse was a drastic Würmer und revaccination increase Würmer und revaccination the Earth's core caused by neutrinos from a massive solar flare in the year The Earth Crust Displacement theory occurred in and the Earth's Würmer und revaccination were shifted more than a thousand miles.

After the apocalypse ended, the planet was flooded with water. When time was reset to year one, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis start to recede and the entire African continent had risen up, allowing all of the survivors to begin a new life there.

In the ancient time, the Mayan people have discovered that their home planet; Earth had a very disastrous date. According to their calendar, in the year a cataclysmic event will Würmer und revaccination caused more info Würmer und revaccination alignment of the planets in the Würmer und revaccination Way galaxy that happens in everyyears. The Mayan Long-Count Calendar still predicts the end of time to occur on the Würmer und revaccination of December in and the Earth's crust will shift due to the Sun's destructive forces.

Some religious people find this theory to be true but other people around the world Würmer und revaccination that it was just a myth and refused to believe it all.

The discovery of the Earth Crust Displacement theory was made by Professor Charles Hapgood inwhen he published his theories of Earth Crust Displacement and pole shifting.

It was supported by Albert Würmer und revaccination. Some scientists found this to be Würmer und revaccination but a Würmer und revaccination of people still refuse to believe it.

Satnam Tsurutani picked up on these theories inwhen he discovered that neutrinos coming from the sun Würmer und revaccination "mutated" into a new kind of particle and were causing a physical reaction which was heating die Würmer werden von the Earth's core.

Charlie Frost, a conspiracy theorist, accurately predicted the events of Earth Crust Displacement as several earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis devastated Würmer und revaccination corner of the globe.

InAdrian Helmsley an American geologist visited astrophysicist Dr. Satnam Tsurutani and discovered that neutrinos from a massive solar flare were going to cause a "physical reaction and mutated into kind of nuclear particle" The neutrinos were causing the temperature of the Earth's core to rapidly increase. Adrian reported this to Chief of Staff Carl Anheuser, who takes him to meet the President of United States, Thomas Wilson and Adrian told them that the incident of the neutrinos were heating up the Earth's core that would cause a chain of Würmer und revaccination disasters.

Würmer und revaccinationPresident Wilson and other national leaders begin a top secret project to ensure humanity's survival. More thanpeople were chosen to board ships called Arks that are being constructed in Cho Ming Valley, Tibet under the disguise read article a dam.

Additional funding for tickets is sold by 1 billion euros per person. The government kept the disaster a secret from the public in Würmer und revaccination to prevent a massive civil unrest.

Inall national treasures were moved to the Arks with the help of art expert and First Daughter Dr. Würmer und revaccination governments around the world also began choosing millionaires, billionaires to Würmer und revaccination the Arks.

Some of these people say that they have small and large families, and paying Würmer und revaccination go on the arks is very expensive. InJackson Curtis, a Würmer und revaccination fiction writer is also stumbling with the same information about the apocalypse and how soon it is soon coming. A Small earthquake was hit in Manhattan Beach, California and make a crack. He and his children Noah and Lilly encounters Charlie Frost while camping in Yellowstone National Park with his kids Noah Würmer und revaccination Lilly, who tells him about the apocalypse and how the government has been hiding the truth for two years.

Charlie also tells Jackson about the Arks being constructed in China, and scientists Würmer und revaccination discovered this were killed in various accidents when they tried to warn the world, but Jackson dismissed this and heads Würmer und revaccination to Was ist das beste Medikament für Würmer für Katzen Angeles.

Adrian Helmsley thought that he was wrong about the apocalypse, but after some shocking news from Satnam, he learns that the Earth's crust is destabilizing, which brings to light that the apocalypse is indeed going to happen. Adrian informs governments around the world about the apocalypse happening within 2 days, and President Wilson recommends that they evacuate at once. The people who were chosen to board the Arks were completely informed, and prepare to leave for the Arks. Meanwhile, in night of Los Angeles, a small earthquake again hit and tore apart a Behandlung von erwachsenen Würmer besser supermarket which had open for business at the time.

Luckily, no go here was injured or killed. The incident was reported on the news, and was seen by Würmer und revaccination and his children. On December 21stWürmer und revaccination apocalypse began when Kate, Gordon and Jackson's Children took a breakfast as Jackson still on the way to home Würmer und revaccination rescuing his family and Gordon.

But Jackson who realised that the apocalypse was happening after learning from Yuri's sons and Charlie on the radio and his family, along with his ex-wife's current boyfriend Gordon Silberman escaped while the whole state of California sank beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Returning to Yellowstone to retrieve Charlie's map which shows the location of the Arks, but the Yellowstone Caldera erupted.

The eruption sends down volcanic bombs and a enormous ash cloud destroyed most of the park, but the Curtis family and Gordon in der Liste escaped with the map showing the location of the Arks, while Charlie was killed in the blast.

At the White House, Adrian and Anheuser witness more massive earthquakes hitting South America, and people around the globe gathering in holy sites in desperate prayer. In Las Vegas, which was hit by a massive earthquake is in ruins and most people have survived when suddenly, the Yellowstone Ash cloud engulfed Las Vegas, but the Curtis family, along with the Karpov family with Würmer und revaccination, Tamara and pilot Sasha manged to escape via boarding an Antonov cargo aircraft.

Millions Würmer und revaccination the world that didn't get picked up died in catastrophic earthquakes worldwide, destroying Würmer und revaccination, Japan and the islands of Hawaii as its volcano erupted. The Yellowstone ash cloud then hit DC, in conjunction with a magnitude 9. The Earth's crust finally begin to shift more than a thousand miles at 1.

Kennedy crashing into the White House and killing President Wilson. After arriving in Tibet, China, the plane was running out of fuel and they repaired to land in South China Check this out but since the Earth's crust shifted, the entire state of China is now where the Pacific Ocean was.

The Chinese government picked up the Karpov family, but left the Curtis family, Würmer und revaccination they did not have any tickets. The family Monozyten Würmer with Gordon and Tamara were picked up by Nima, a Buddhist monk who is on his way to the Arks with his grandparents and brother Tenzin who works on them.

Adrian learns that Satnam was killed by a megatsunami when he and his family were never picked up. While the Curtis family, Tenzin, Nima, the grandparents, Gordon and Tamara were stowing Würmer und revaccination on Ark 4, Jackson, Tenzin and Gordon got a drill stuck in the gears of the gate, leaving it slightly open. Gordon was crushed by the gate's gears as they were been opened by the crew who Adrian managed to convince them to let the surviving people on.

See more megatsunami approached the site and the flooded Ark is sent adrift, Jackson along with help with his son Noah, managed Würmer und revaccination get the drill out of the gears, before the ship could impact Mount Everest.

The Ark with its engines fully working, more info sail for land as the apocalypse finally ended on December 22nd As days continued, and the calendar reset to year one, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis start to recede and the African continent rose up, allowing mankind to begin a new life there.

Jackson Würmer und revaccination Kate reconcile, and Adrian starts a relationship with Laura. The Earth is shown with a completely different landscape where Africa and other continents have risen.

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The apocalypse is the catastrophic event that happens in the film. It occurred on December 21st The cause of the apocalypse was a drastic temperature increase within the Earth's core caused by neutrinos from a massive solar flare in the year
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The apocalypse is the catastrophic event that happens in the film. It occurred on December 21st The cause of the apocalypse was a drastic temperature increase within the Earth's core caused by neutrinos from a massive solar flare in the year
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